WW1 Photographs of the Great War

Don't Forget the Diggers - WW1 AIF Identified Studio Portraits, Postcards, Mixture

(NAA) WW1 AIF Identified Studio portraits
Bonds of Sacrifice A-D -
Bonds of Sacrifice E-H 
Bonds of Sacrifice I-L
Bonds of Sacrifice M-P
Bonds of Sacrifice Q-T
Bonds of Sacrifice U-Z

Named Faces from the Past - WW1 AIF Identified Studio Portraits
WW1 Photographs - State Records SA, WW1 AIF Identified Studio Portraits
WW1 - State Library of South Australia, WW1 AIF, Mixture of Photo's
World War 1 - University of Newcastle, Cultural Collections, WW1 AIF
On the Frontlines WW1 - State Library of Queensland, WW1 AIF
Mustafa-kemal - Gallipolli 1915, Various Original Photographs
Faces of War - Australian National Maritime Museum
Wallace Sharpe - Kiama Library, 6th LH, WW1 AIF

WW1 Allies
Gallipoli 1915 - National Library of NZ on the Commons
Kiwi faces of World War I - Te Papa Collections, Studio portraits of New Zealand Soldiers
Faces of the First World War - IWM Collections, Studio portraits of British Soldiers
Canadian Soldiers of WW1 - Studio Portraits - Group Portraits
Canada and the First World War - Mixture of Postcards and Photographs
WW1 Official British Photographs - National Library of Scotland
Centenery - Thomas Lionel Fuller - Early Aviation RFC, Military Camps, Salisbury Plain

Special Albums
Henrique Matins - WW1 B&W Postcards given colour of Soldiers in the Battlefields
Great War Observer - Somme Museum 1916, WW1 Aircraft, Artillery, Ships, Battlefields
WW1 The Underground War - Shipscompass, Messines Ridge, location of Mines from Above
Memorials & Cemeterys - WW1 Memorials today from Above using Kites
Jgijselhart -The Great War from above, GoogleEarth & Original b&w photos Superimposed
Nick J Stone - Ghosts of WW1, Before & After Shots Superimposed
ThruTheseLines - Greece 3AGH Lemnos, Sarpi, Before & After Shots Superimposed
Towner1705 - Mixture of Original Postcard Photographs from the Great War
Drakegoodman - German Soldiers, Artillery, Aircraft
Paranoid_Womb - German Soldiers, Gunners, Bayonets
Thomas Wictor - WW1 Flamethrowers, German, Turkish, Austrian and Allied Forces
Joe Robinson - German Soldiers, German Regiments, Equipment, Royalty

Jim Ladon - Airplanes in WW1 or Earlier, Salmson 2A2, Spad Replica, Fokker DR.1 Replicas
Mick Baxter - Shuttleworth Pagent , 2012 Imperial War Museum, 2009 Hendon Museum
Kees Kort - Early German Aircraft,
Philip R Babcock Special Collection - 88th Aero Squadron of WW1
Kitchener.lord - Sopwith Aircraft, Avro,

Andrew Rotchell - Western Front, Memorials, Cemetery's, Trenches,
Shipcompass - English, Aerial Photos, Somme, Verdun, Ypres, Relics